Wednesday, March 9, 2011

"Emilio Izaguirre would DIE playing for Barcelona"

Izaguirre has already faced with some Barcelona players during the 2010 FIFA World Cup against Spain
Emilio Izaguirre has been in impressive form since joining Celtic last summer and Hector Zelaya, a former coach of the full-back at Motagua, has now voiced his opinion that the 24-year-old would fit in very well at Barcelona. 

Motagua general manager said: "Emilio would fit perfectly in the Spanish League because of his ability with the ball. Guardiola would love Emilio because his side always attack. The way Barcelona play will suit him as the full-backs run forward."

Izaguirre is pretended by big clubs of the English Premier League: Arsenal, Liverpool, and Manchester United.  Arsenal target Izaguirre as a posible replacement for Gaël Clichy, that the French has not renewed his contract. Hector Zelaya said: "Emilio would prefer playing for Barcelona rather than Arsenal or Manchester United." 

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